What Do You Look for in an Employer?

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I came across an interesting article based on a survey conducted by LinkedIn.com. LinkedIn asked over 26K professionals what they look for most in an employer.  I was quite surprised by their findings but no spoiler here. You will have to read the results yourself (see link at end of blog) however, I will let you know what I look for in an employer.

Flexibility. I have no tolerance for stringent time constraints. In many positions, whether it is planned or not, you end up working through part of your lunch, staying late or bringing work home to just keep your head above water. However, I have zero tolerance for a reprimand if an employee is 5 minute late. Now I am not saying that arriving 15 minutes late every day is ok, but 5 minutes once in awhile is acceptable as long as it doesn’t become a habit. The way I look at it, it all evens out in the end or at least that has been my experience in the corporate world. If I have worked 10 minutes past my quitting time, I don’t expect compensation so if I am 5 minutes late because I got stuck behind the school bus then let’s call it even!

Effective Management. Please no micromanaging! If an employee has proved to be reliable and conscientious, there is no need to micromanage their every move. My sister once worked in large corporation and her boss wanted her to send him an email when she was heading to the washroom. Really? I can fully understand if the person is the front line worker aka receptionist or sits at the front to greet clients but the pen pusher in the back office? We are adults and let’s conduct ourselves accordingly!

Telecommuting Option. If the weather is not fit for man nor beast, I appreciate the option to work from home in inclement weather conditions. Please do not make me risk my life and drive out in a blizzard only to arrive 2 hours late to tell me that the office is closing in an hour because of the weather conditions. Likewise, if there is no reason for me to physically be there and I can log on remotely, I would really appreciate it. Believe it or not, I can be very productive at home and actually work longer than in the confines of an office.

What are the top 3 priorities that you look for in an potential employer?

If you are interested reading the complete article, stay calm and read on:

Jobseekers Top 3 Priorities

Until next time… Happy Job Hunting!

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