Business Coaching

Are you weighing your options between traditional employment versus self employment?

This is a decision that requires some in-depth evaluation to determine if self employment is the right the avenue for you.

Do you have a great idea but not sure if it is viable and how to go about starting a small business? Our Business Coach will work with you and help you to evaluate your business idea. Additionally, we can provide you with business development training that will take you from initial concept through to start-up. From defining your business, market research and pricing your product through to social media launch pad, we can help you along your journey for financial independence through self-employment.

 Industry Professional Recommendation:
“Christine is a truly accomplished professional in the areas of Career Development and Entrepreneurship.  As her colleague for over 3 years, I have been impressed with Christine’s ability to build rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds. Her ability to propel her clients forward is based on her genuine interest in each person as an individual with specific needs and goals. Christine’s success in helping her clients achieve their goals includes an unwavering dedication to providing empathic guidance as well as timely and pertinent information. Her optimism and sense of humor has helped innumerable job seekers and new business owners overcome the fears and challenges associated with their new endeavors.
Judy J., Business Coach & Entrepreneur