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The Freelance Writing Journey to Success: 
Tips, Tricks and Practical Advice 
Course Developer/Instructor: Christine Cristiano

Do you have a passion for writing and have dreamed of doing some freelance writing work to fulfill that passion or start a side business? If you answered yes to either of these scenarios – this writing course is for you!

A successful freelance writer needs more than just talent to succeed in the freelance writing industry, they must be resourceful, persistent and systematic to achieve success. Students of this course will learn how to maximize their writing efforts by adhering to proven tips, tricks, and techniques by an experienced and published freelance writer and Author. 

Graduates of this online interactive course will improve or master the many skills necessary to improve their writing efforts including enhanced computer skills, article ideas and slanting, and hands on experience for creating an article action plan. The course instructs students on how to uncover hidden markets, create a query template, and market their work. Students will also learn techniques for marketing themselves and their writing services. By the end of the course, students will be fully knowledgeable in how to take an article from initial concept and research through to complete manuscript and related marketing fundamentals. Upon completion, students will have created some self-promotional tools to use and possess the confidence to jump-start their writing career to the next level.

This course is jammed back with numerous interactive lessons that are to be completed and emailed back to the Instructor for professional feedback. Your instructor is available to answer questions throughout the duration of the course. 

Course Outline

Lesson One
Computer Basics 101
Advanced Computer Functions
Email: Friend or Foe
Creating a Personalized Signature
Includes other areas of study and 3 assignments

Lesson Two
The Idea Factory
Uncovering Ideas
Your Favorite Publication: Up Close and Personal
Includes other areas of study and 2 assignments

Lesson Three
The RWESR Factor
An Article Slant
Writing the First Draft
Analyzing a Prospective Market
Uncovering Hidden Markets
Includes other areas of study and 3 activities

Lesson Four
The Article Action Plan
The Perfect Query
Query Magic 
The 3R’s – Rewrite, Revise, and Resubmit
After The Rejection
Reprint Mania
Includes other areas of study and 3 activities

Lesson Five
Creating a Personal Market Database
Tracking submissions
Includes other areas of study and 1 activity and Excel worksheet

Lesson Six
Creating a Curriculum Vitae
Creating a Writing Resume
Writing Pro Bono
Selling Yourself 
Includes other areas of study and 4 activities

Cost & Enrollment Options: 
Option 1: $75 Self Directed 
Option 2: $150 Includes review and discussion of 1x article written by student targeted to a general audience| (Maximum 1000 words)   (No academia articles) 
Option 3: $140.00 per session. Additional 1-1 concentrated coaching sessions are available for students who are interested in working 1-1 to assist with the launch of their freelance writing journey and secure a writing assignment. 

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