eBook: Clarity in the Time of Chaos – 25 Questions Jobseekers Asked Career Professional

Statistics Canada is reporting that over 1 million Canadians lost their jobs since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, many jobseekers were feeling overwhelmed trying to get answers regarding the current job market and to their job search questions.

Amid these unprecedented times affecting the job market, I was honoured to have had the opportunity to contribute to the 7 week ‘Casual Career Chat’ virtual sessions as a career professional panelist with fellow career professional colleagues and Career Professionals of Canada members.

Daisy Wright of The Wright Career Solution was the mastermind behind the Casual Career Chat inception when she noted an increase in questions from jobseekers looking for advice and guidance how to navigate the precarious job market throughout the pandemic. With a plan to host a virtual chat to help jobseekers to move forward during the pandemic, Christine Cristiano of Ideal Career Services, Maureen McCann of Promotion Career Solutions, and Michelle Precourt of Mindful HR Services answered Daisy’s call and jumped at the chance to support this worthwhile initiative.

At the completion of the 7 weeks, the idea of compiling all the questions and answers that emerged during the online chats was hatched and the collaborative creation of the eBook, “Clarity in the Time of Chaos; 25 Questions Jobseekers Asked Career Professionals,” was born.

This book is a selection of the top 25 questions that were asked by jobseekers along with the answers provided by the career professional panelists. Thanks to fellow career professional, Sweta Regmi who also lent her expertise and perspective to the sessions.

If you are in need of personalized 1-1 career coaching to navigate the job market and jumpstart your job search or career transition, call Ideal Career Services at 647-361-9916 and let’s chat!

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